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The Capital Battery is a 100MW stand-alone battery capable of storing up to 200MWh of energy with up to 2 hours of power in reserve.

50 MW was committed as part of the ACT Government’s 2020 renewable energy auction, with a further 50 MW yet to be contracted.

The battery will provide a predictable supply of electricity to the grid through its ability to dispatch energy during peak times of demand.


Battery storage allows us to store the energy and provide it to the grid whenever it’s needed.

Capital Battery Canberra


The Capital Battery will be located in the ACT, just north of the Queanbeyan substation.

This is approximately 3km south of Fyshwick and 3km north of Queanbeyan.

It will be linked to Transgrid’s transmission network via the substation.



Education and research opportunities to grow the ACT’s renewable sector

For the Grid

Greater stability through a range of grid support services

For your community

Reliable energy, lower electricity bills and community co-investment



What Does a Big Battery Do?

What Does a Big Battery Do?

Ever wondered what a big battery does? Neoen and AusNet have made a wonderful animation that explores the many abilities of a grid-scale or big battery and the role they play in supporting the clean energy transition.

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The Learning Hub Launch

The Learning Hub Launch

We have recently developed the Learning Hub, an educational resource for local schools, as part of our community engagement. The Learning Hub is a stand-alone website with materials for Years 5-6 and another for Years 7-8, both centered around electricity and...

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Construction starts on Capital Battery

Construction starts on Capital Battery

Proud to announce the start of construction for the 100 MW Capital Battery ! Congrats to the team & thanks to Doosan, our battery storage experts and TransGrid, transmission network providers. Early construction works have commenced with the battery expected to...

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These big batteries mean that our small jurisdiction is again punching above our weight when it comes to real climate action. Our investment is on par with the Tesla Hornsdale battery on a per capita basis – the largest investment of its kind in the world.

ACT Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability

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Neoen produce affordable reliable electricity from natural renewable sources such as the sun and wind.

With 12 years’ experience behind us, our technologies are tried, tested and proven. Our South Australian Big Battery has been keeping the lights on in SA since 2017, and saved consumers over $150 million in its first two years of operation alone !

We operate all of our assets from our Operations Control Centre located in our offices in Canberra, where over half of our Australian staff are also based.